Guilty Gear Xtra Manga Translations

Raw manga and the translated first chapter can be downloaded here:

About the manga

About the translation

1. Awakening of the lost one Summary Scanslations (including raws for other chapters)
2. The PastSummaryTranslated script
3. Distortion of the Barrier SummaryTranslated script
4. Former friends SummaryTranslated script
5. Unspeakable thoughts SummaryTranslated script
6. The Butterfly that Dances in Chaotic Flowers SummaryTranslated script
7. The Arrow of Words that Pierce through Darkness SummaryTranslated script
8. The Ship that Floats among the Stars SummaryTranslated script
9. Appropriate Ones SummaryTranslated script
10. The Power that Chooses

Translations by Rallamajoop, Jaseroque and Sethyhide. Thanks also go to Pinneagig for her help with translating.


16 July 2008: Believe it or not, this project lives! Chapters 8 and 9 are complete, 10 should be soon to follow.

15 November 2007: Two new chapters complete - translations and summaries for chapter 6 and 7 are up.

12 October 2007: Translation and summary for chapter 5 are up.

18 September 2007: The translation and summary for chapter 4 are up.

28 August 2007: The first major site update is complete. Translations for chapter 3 are up, and text summaries for the first three chapters and some general info about the manga have been added. Translations for chapter 2 have also been updated to fill in a couple of missing panels - thanks go to Raging_tofu for the new scans. Chapter 4 translations and scanslations for chapter 2 are in the works.

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