Chapter 3

Translater's note: The Japanese word 'Hirai' is used in this chapter to mean the gear-parts that have been falling out of the sky. However, not even two dictionaries and a fair bit of brain wracking has allowed us to come up with an English equivalent that isn't either too non-specific ('object') or simply too awkward to fit ('falling thing'). For now, we've left it untranslated, though alternate suggestions are welcome.

For those using Red Exodus' scans, page one of this chapter is scanned with the last page of chapter 2.

-Page 1-
[1] Tyr: Mizuha, you really don't remember anything?
Mizuha: Ah, right

-Page 2-
[1] Mizuha: I had this sudden strange feeling... and when I came back to myself, it was morning.
I was really surprised

[2] Mizuha: And when I woke
The shrine was all broken up

[3] Mizuha: And somehow,
a hand had sprung up

[4] Tyr: But yesterday, when you saw didn't you call it 'Heaven's pillar'?
Mizuha: 'Heaven's pillar'?

[5] Mizuha: What's that?
Tyr: ...Ah,
That's what I want to know too.

-Page 3-
[1] Ky: The Zetsusen is gone?

[2] Ky: How did that happen?
Grandpa: Well,

[3] Grandpa: Among the young people of our house was a man called Anji.
He always had a great curiousity about many things
He took the Zetsusen and disappeared from the colony

[4] Grandpa: Even now, I don't know where he is.
Ky: I see...

[5] Grandpa: With the Zetsusen, it's focus, lost, the kekkai
continues to weaken every day.

-Page 4-
[1] Grandpa: If that hadn't happened, for that thing to fall down here
Would have been impossible

[2] Caption: North latitude 50 degrees, east longitude 30 degrees, Russia, Hirai confirmed

[3] Caption: North latitude 47 degrees, east longitude 2 degrees, Paris, Hirai confirmed

[4] Caption: North latitude 83 degrees, east longitude 26 degrees, Japanese Colony, Hirai confirmed

-Page 5-
[1] Geena: That's enough

[2] Geena: So, what's the conclusion?

[3] Woman 1: The Hirai are appearing in widely divergent areas.
Woman 2: We can't find a strategic purpose

[4] Geena: So you're saying it's just happening at random

[5] Woman 1: The bureau is currently assigning a danger

[6] Woman 1: Risk rating... S
Geena: Things are getting interesting...

-Page 6-
[1] Mizuha: Um, just what is that thing?

[2] Ky: It's the arm of a gear
Tyr: A gear?!

[3] Ky: Yes, but it's alright
Unless there's a commander gear, it can't move

[4] Ky: And the commander gear
We destroyed

[5] Tyr: Right... The end of the Holy War...
That's how it was
(in background) The gears were made powerless

-Page 7-
[1]Tyr: But why would something like that come from the sky?

[3]Baiken: Outta the way!!

-Page 8-
[1] Gramps: You're...
Baiken: Hn

[3] Ky: What do you think you're doing, destroying the evidence?
Baiken: Hah?

[4] Baiken: I'll destroy any gears
Naturally, I'll destroy anyone who gets in my way too

-Page 9-
[1] Baiken: I came back here for once and this is what happened?

[2] Baiken: What's a gear doing in a place like this?
Explain quickly.

[3] Ky: The evidence we could use to explain any of that
Isn't that what you just destroyed?!

[4] Baiken: Just recently, one by one,
They keep coming...

-Page 10-
[1] Tyr: W...wait!

[2] Baiken: What the hell do you want? Kids shouldn't interfere.
Wanna become rust on my sword?

[3] Baiken: Or was it you?

[4] Baiken: The one who called that giant monster from the sky?
Tyr: Called from the sky?

[5] Tyr: (thinking) It couldn't be...

-Page 11-
[1] Baiken: So that's how it is

[2] Baiken: It was her!

[4] Baiken: You again?

[5] Ky: There is no reason to interfere with them.

-Page 12-
[1] Ky: They're important witnesses in this incident
They'll be taken into police custody

[2] Tyr: Huh?! (thinking) Why do we have to be arrested?

[3] Baiken: I don't care about witnesses or whatever,
You're not getting out of the way, are you?

[4] Ky: That's right.
You can't interfere with the police work I've been entrusted with

[5] Baiken: That's how it is?

-Page 13-
[1] Baiken: Then die!!

[4] Ky: If we fight here, I'm at a disadvantage

[6] Baiken: Wait up!!

-Page 14-
[4] Ky: You can't use those weapons or techniques effectively here.
Baiken: Che, argumentative bastard.

[5] Ky: I couldn't have survived the war with power and technique alone

[6] Baiken: Oh really.

-Page 15-
[2] Tyr: Right, let's go
Mizuha: Go where?

[3] Tyr: I'm gonna fight too
Mizuha: Huh? Why?

[4] Tyr: We've got to tell him we're innocent and clean up this misunderstanding!
Mizuha: But..

[5] Mizuha: Could it really have been me who called that thing?

[6] Tyr: Don't worry about it
Mizuha: Wa-

-Page 16-
[1] Tyr: Honestly, I'm not sure, but nothing's been decided yet.

[2] Tyr: But you're
not a bad person, right?

[3] Tyr: Of course, I'm not a bad guy
I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do
But I don't have any reason to need to run away, so I'm gonna fight.

[4] Tyr: And secondly, I should protect you

[5] Mizuha: Eeee? What do you mean by 'secondly'?
Tyr: (in background) ha ha ha ha ha ha

-Page 17-
[1] Tyr: Well, just leave it to me

[4] Tyr: Fenrir!

-Page 18-
[3] Ky/Baiken: What the?

[4] Ky: No!!

[5] Ky: With the kekkai this weak,
if you use that kind of power

-Page 19-
[1] Ky: The kekkai will distort!!

[2] Grandpa: What the?

[3] Tyr: Heh?

[4] Mizuha: Kyaa!

[5] Mizuha: Kyaaaaaaa!
Tyr: Mizuhaaa!

-Page 20-
[2] Tyr: After her, Fenrir!

[3] Baiken: cheh

[4] Baiken: They got away

-Page 21-
[1] Caption: London

[2] sfx: zazazaza (static noises)

[4] Axl: It won't work after all
Axl: I really miss the 20th century

[5] Voice: (from headphones) help... (zaza)
(zaa) me...

[6] Axl: ...
Is that coming from my headphones?
Voice: Help... me

-Page 22-
[1] Voice: Please... over here...

[4] Axl: ... what the hell is this?

(End Chapter 3)

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