Chapter 4

-Page 1-
[1] Baiken: cheh
They got away

[2] Ky: Are you still focusing on that?!

[3] Baiken: What, you still wanna fight?

[4] Grandpa: Stop it! Both of you!!

-Page 2-
[1] Grandpa: How can you behave like that in a situation like this?!
Baiken: cheh
Ky: Ah, please excuse me.

[2] Grandpa: More than that, I'm worried about where those two could have gone.

[3] Ky: Then let's try this
Grandpa: Hm?

[4] Ky: Because Tyr is an associate of the Holy Order
If he's within a ten kilometre radius, the medal should react

[5] Ky: However,
It seems they've been flung a very long distance away

[6] Grandpa: I see
Ky: I'm sorry, it's on account of my carelessness

-Page 3-
[1]Grandpa: Well, she did want to see the outside world

[2] Ky: But...

[3] Baiken: If he says so, it's alright, isn't it?
Long-winded bastard...

[5] Ky: If you want to talk about how this started, if you hadn't interfered with them
This wouldn't have happened. Your behaviour is too selfish

[6] Baiken: Why you...!

[7] Grandpa: I apologise, Ky-dono, could you possibly forgive this one?

[8] Ky: Ah.. alright.

-Page 4-
[1] Grandpa: Anyway... during the war, the gears came.
To protect her, both her parents gave their lives in exchange

[2] Grandpa: Ever since, gears and the like are something she will never be able to forgive

[4] Baiken: Keh
Ky: So that's how it was...

[5] Ky: But due to the Holy War, everyone's hearts have the same scars.
Passed on to the next generation, things will repeat.

[6] Ky: Even if we pass on the anger and sadness we have to leave the hatred behind.
I believe that is the responsibility of those who survived.

-Page 5-
[1] Baiken: Keh, I don't want any more to do with this
Grandpa: Look here, Baiken

[2] Baiken: Gears falling from the sky shouldn't be taken lightly.

[3] Baiken: Go look for those kids and that Anji bastard
Sorry 'bout all the trouble

[4] Grandpa: So then
What are you going to do from here?

[5] Ky: I think it's best that I continue the investigation.
Grandpa: I see.

-Page 6-
[1] Ky: Because there's someone I know who probably knows about this matter.

-Page 7-
[1] Sol: That bastard
What's he started?

[2] sfx: beep

[3] sfx: (door opening)

-Page 8-
[2] sfx: (door slamming shut)

-Page 9-
[1] Tyr: Ah, I slept well.
sfx: (stomach rumbling)

[2] Tyr: Huh?

[3] Tyr: Where am I?

[4] Tyr: A room?

[5] Tyr: A futon...
Mizuha: Ah...

-Page 10-
[2] Tyr: Aahhhhhh!

[3] Tyr: Wh...what...

[4] sfx: (door opening)

[5] Axl: Huh?
You're awake?

-Page 11-
[1] sfx: munch munch
Tyr: This is delicious!

[2] Axl: Okay, so, you're Mizuha from the Japanese Colony, and you're Tyr who came out of some statue
Quite a combination

[3] Tyr: so who are you?
Axl: Huh? Me?

[4] Axl: My name's Axl Low

[5] Axl: I'm a time traveller who's visited seven different eras

-Page 12-
[1] sfx: (cold wind)
Axl: No, really honestly, it's true!

[2] Axl: Though... it's not like I can move around freely

[3] Axl: One day, I woke up and I'd landed somewhere the war was over

[4] Axl: Since then I've gone to lots of different eras

[5] Axl: But the 20th century is the one place I've never been able to get back to...

[6] Mizuha: That must have been so hard for you
Axl: No, you really understand?
Of course you do! Of course such a cute lady would understand

[7] sfx: (chewing noises)

-Page 13-
[1] Tyr: Then show me some proof
Proof that you're a person from the 20th century.

[2] Axl: You want proof, huh?

[3] sfx: (object falling on table)

[4] Tyr: Whoa, this is...
Axl: How about this?
Doesn't this look like technology from the miraculous industrial era?

[5] Axl: But the voice I heard yesterday coming from this radio was definitely

-Page 14-
[1] Axl: This girl's voice

[2] sfx: (smile)

[3] Mizuha: What's wrong?
Axl: Ah, no, nothing at all

[4] Axl: Anyway, going by your explanation, you're lost kids who've been tossed out.
Mizuha: That's true
Tyr: I don't know.

[5] Axl: So in that case, how'd you like an elder at being lost (in time!) to show you around this world?
sfx: (more chewing noises)
Mizuha: Really?

-Page 15-
[1] Axl: Well, I never know when I'm going to disappear again...
Mizuha: Thanks very much

[2] Axl: Right then, if you're going to walk around here safely
The first thing we need to do is

[3] Axl: Do something about those clothes
Mizuha: Eh?

[4] Mizuha: What!? (what do you mean~?)

-Page 16-
[1] Ky: How is the investigation I requested going?

[2] Police: Well... Today the total number of Hirai exceeded 200
Including small pieces, it climbs up to the thousands
Ky: Within that, how many pieces which have not been removed, or already destroyed?

[3] Police: There are 54 pieces... The local police forces have endeavoured greatly, but...
Ky: Excuse me, but aside from that...

[4]Ky: Excluding the police, have any been destroyed?

-Page 18-
[2] Ky: I thought I'd find you here...

[3] Sol Badguy

[4] Sol: Whatdya want?
Ky: The affair with the gears falling from the sky...
I want you to tell me what you know

[5] Sol: It's none of your business

-Page 19-
[1] Ky: No, this is police business

[2] Sol: Do as you like

[3] Ky: Then ...I'll have to arrest you.

[4] Sol: What was that...?

(End Chapter 4)

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