<html> <head> <title>Guilty Gear Xtra - Chapter 9 Script </title> </head> <body> <font face=Arial><br /><b>Chapter 9</b> <p>-Page 2- <br>[1] Tyr: Hi there Mizuha! <br>Mizuha: Tyr!! <p>[2] Mizuha: Oh, I was so worried about you! You suddenly turned into an egg... and then and then... <br>Tyr: Sorry, sorry, seems like I used a bit too much power... <p>-Page 3- <p>[1] Tyr: Beyond that... <p>[2] Tyr: Hey, old guy!! <p>[3] Tyr: Are you the one who made Mizuha cry!? <br>Dunno who you are, but now you're gonna have to deal with me!! <p>-Page 4- <br>[1] Potemkin: First, listen to our story. <p>[2] Tyr: Who do you think you are!? <p>[3] Anji: Geez, no helping it. <p>[4] Anji: I'll explain from the start. <p>[5] Tyr: ..... <p>[6] Tyr: ...who? <p>-Page 5- <br>[1] Caption: London <p>-Page 6- <p>[2] Geena: I see.... <p>[3] Geena: This body has become something convenient. <br>To this repaired body, information from the computer is flowing. <p>-Page 7- <br>[1] Geena: A spaceship, hm? <p>[3] Geena: I've thought of something good. <p>[4] Tyr: I... remembered a bit while I was asleep... I'm a created being... so to speak <br>Miuha: Huh? <br>(In background - Anji: one, two, one, two.) <p>[5] Tyr: But for what purpose I was created, I still couldn't remember... <p>-Page 8- <br>[1] Tyr: If, like that spaceship, what I was created to do was to destroy the earth... <p>[2] Mizuha: ...so, do you want to destroy the earth? <p>[3] Tyr: Huh? There's no way I do <p>[4] Mizuha: You know, nothing that is created is evil from the very start. <br>People who have that kind of power can become everybody's fear or everybody's hope. <p>[5] Tyr: Yeah... hope, huh...? <br>Mizuha: Well, anyway, now... <p>[6] Tyr: I should focus on taking down the threat in front of me, huh? <p>-Page 9- <p>[2] Mizuha: Tyr... you don't have to push yourself that far. <br>Tyr: Eh? <p>[3] Mizuha: If you became an egg again or slept again for ten years... <br>I... <p>[4] Tyr: No.... but look, it's like the earth's in danger <br>I've got to try hard, or let alone ten years, it looks like there might not even be a tomorrow... <p>[5] Mizuha: So you really can't! (sfx: anger) <br>Tyr: Right.... <p>[6] Potemkin: ...... <p>-Page 10- <br>[1] Gabriel: You think they're unreliable? <br>Potemkin: Yeah. They're still kids who doesn't understand the heavy responsibilities of life. <p>[2] Potemkin: That it's the fate of the world they bear... <p>[3] Gabriel: Why do you think I became president? <br>Potemkin: ? <br>What do you mean? <p>[4] Gabriel: For a mere soldier to become a political leader is frankly a ridiculous story <br>Appropriate things do not always happen at the appropriate time right from the start. <p>[5] Gabriel: That which happens to be present must become appropriate. <p>[6] Potemkin: They can become something 'appropriate' too? <p>-Page 11- <p>[1] Gabriel: We'll know soon. <p>[2] Gabriel: Soon... <br>(sfx: Button pressing down.) <p>[3] Gabriel: Now, <p>[4] Gabriel: How is the state of affairs on your side Chief Ky? <p>[5] Ky: All preparation to ready the full fire power of the International Police are already complete. <br>(sfx: Static) <p>[6] Gabriel: Is that so <br>Confirmed. <br>Man: President! <p>[7] Man: The target has entered our range!! <p>-Page 12- <p>[1] Gabriel: Well then... <br>Here are my orders. <p>[2] Gabriel: First, it's up to you to destroy the spaceship's magical barrier <p>[3] Gabriel: After that, we'll attack with the physical armaments of this ship. <br>We wish you luck. <br>Tyr: Right! Leave it to us!! <p>-Page 13- <p>[1] Tyr: Fenrir!! <p>-Page 14- <br>[1] Tyr: For the sake of grasping on tomorrow <p>-Page 15&16- <p>[1] Tyr: The roar that clears through fate <p>[2] Tyr: That which endangers our world <br>Begone!! <p>[7] Gabriel: Fire!! <p>-Page 17- <br>(sfx: Crash/rumbling) <p>-Page 18- <br>[1]sfx: Rumbling <br>Tyr: We did it!! <p>[6] Potemkin: Looks like we were successful <p>[7] Potemkin: It seems like they too did become something appropriate. <p>-Page 19- <br>[1] Gabriel: No... <p>[2] Gabriel: That's still to be seen. <br><br><br> (End Chapter 9)<br /> <br><br><a href="index.html">Back to chapter listing</a> <br><script src="http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "UA-2510321-1"; urchinTracker(); </script> </body></html> </script>