About the manga

The Guilty Gear Xtra manga came out in 2003 and ran for one volume. The story is set in the year between the original Guilty Gear and GGX, and is largely focused around two new characters called Tyr and Mizuha, and an unfolding mystery involving severed parts of gear bodies appearing from the sky. Members of the Post War Administration Bureau – the same organisation responsible for many of the events from GGXX – appear as the antagonists. More familiar characters from the Guilty Gear games include Ky, Sol, Anji, Baiken, Axl, Potemkin and Kliff (via flashback), and several others also appear in one-panel cameos or on the cover pages of each chapter.

Talking less formally, we personally found the new characters a bit uninspiring compared to the weird and wonderful members of the regular cast, though Tyr grew on us pretty quickly. But the real selling point is a lot of other interesting odds and ends mixed into the background. There’s backstory on how Ky met Kliff and joined the Order, a glimpse of someone looking suspiciously like I-no in a flashback to the days when magic was first discovered, an old photo of Frederick, Justice and That Man, the obligatory Sol vs. Ky battle scene, assorted scraps of information about the mystery surrounding the Japanese and plenty of other appearances by familiar characters. There are scenes set inside the Japanese Colony, the Post War Administration Bureau headquarters and during the Holy War, and the list goes on. The story is set up to be more accessible to people who might not have played the games, but for the established Guilty Gear fan there should be plenty there to make it worth a read.

The art is pretty fanservicy even by GG’s usual standards. Some of the guys are excessively pretty, whereas some of the girls look like their boobs are about to achieve sentience and go flying off to conquer whole new worlds. (Presumably this will be a plus for a certain number of readers, but if not, well – you’re warned.)

About the translation

Chapter one was translated a while back by E. Chang and is included in the zip file with the raw chapters. The scans we’re working with for the rest of the chapters were done by Red Exodus and are decent but not the best quality – a few panels here and there are cut off the edge of the page or too blurry to make out, and even with our collective Japanese skills there are a few bits here and there we’re not 100% certain about. Having said that though, we’re sure the result is still good enough to let people follow the story.

Since starting the project, we (being Rallamajoop and Jaseroque) discovered we weren’t the only ones who’d been wanting to get the manga translated, so now we’re planning to pool our efforts with the other group. Raging_tofu is working on producing some higher quality scans and eventual scanslations, and Sethyhide should be joining us to help out with the translation of chapters to come.

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