Chapter 1: Awakening of the lost one

The chapter opens with the usual Guilty Gear prologue about the discovery of magic, the creation of the gears and the Holy War.

The present day story starts with Ky at the International Police Force headquarters learning that the Zetsuen (Anji’s stopping fans, a Jinki which had been lost during the war) war had been rediscovered in a shrine at the Japanese Colony. He sets out to retrieve it himself. However, it appears they’re not the only ones who’ve heard this news, because a force from the Post War Administration Bureau, lead by woman later introduced as Geena, are seen making their own way into the colony in secret.

The scene changes to Inari’s shrine in the East Section of the Japanese Colony, run by Mizuha and her Grandfather (both new characters created for the manga). We learn Mizuha has lived all her life in the colony and knows nothing about the outside world, though she’s caught sight of continents floating in the sky outside the colony and longs to see them for herself. Detecting the presence of the PWAB force, Mizuha’s grandfather sends her into the shrine and demands they show themselves.

Geena announces her self and her intentions (well, her intent to kill anyone who gets in her way, anyhow). The old man fights her using a replica of the Zetsuen, however Geena destroys it shortly into the battle and is enraged to discover it to be a fake. The fight bursts into the shrine itself, where Mizuha is cleaning a strange idol statue with a dragon design on it. The old man is wounded, and Geena launches a fire spell at them, presumably intended as a killing blow. However, the spell is mysteriously absorbed by the statue. It opens to reveal a boy, apparently around Mizuha’s age, who wakes up and wonders where he is. He reassures Mizuha her grandfather will be okay

The PWAB troops’ weapons break against his armour when they attack him (though apparently not without hurting him a bit). Geena attacks him with fire again, however he absorbs it much the same way the statue had done, then repels the attack back at her with a dragon-like weapon which appears on his arm. The PWAB troops retreat.

Elsewhere in the world, Ky, Sol and Anji all notice their own Jinki making strange noises in reaction to something. Eventually, they quiet down again.

Back at the shrine, Mizuha finishes tending to her grandfather and tells the mysterious boy that he’s awoken at the Inari shrine, though she’s unable to answer his other questions since she knows little about the outside world. When she asks who he is, he tells her he doesn’t know, but then goes on introduces himself as Tyr, much to her confusion.

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