Chapter 7

-Page 1-
[1] Voice: Tyr, how are you feeling today?

[3] Voice: Tyr, what do you see?

-Page 2-
[1] Voice: Are you pleased with that form, Tyr...?

-Page 3-
[1] Voice: Tyr...

[2] Voice: In ancient times, the name of the god who sacrificed his arm to the dragon

[3] Voice: That is your name
Tyr: Who...?

[4] Voice: Your right hand...

-Page 4-
[1] Voice: Is mine!!

-Page 6-
[1] Anji: Axl... there's no need to worry (?)

[2] Anji: From here on
Anji Mito will take over

-Page 7-
[2] Anji: Th..
Thi surge is...

[3] Anji: It can't be...!!

[4] Anji: This boy...

-Page 8-

[2] Anji: Is a Gear...?

[3] Anji: The statue is turning into petals...!?

[5] Anji: Oi
Isn't that going a little far!?

-Page 9-
[1] Anji: .............
(thinking) He can't hear me. Has he lost consciousness!? ...damn

[2] Anji: Seya
(thinking) Troublesome kid!!

[3] Anji: What!?

[4] Anji: He can transform even magic!?

[5] Anji: che, this is bad.

-Page 10-
[1] Anji: (thinking) Fire...

[2] Anji: (thinking) Wind...

[3] Anji: Is this a power completely different to the known system of magic!?
He can't be a Gear!!

[4] Mizuha: n... un...
Anji: Oh, you're awake?

[5] Mizuha: Eh!?

Anji: Yo

Mizuha: Anji-nichan!?

[6] Mizuha: Wh... what are you doing here.. and... what?
Why are you carrying me!?

-Page 11-
[1] Mizuha: That's right...
Where's Axl-san?
Where's Tyr?

Anji: Don't worry about Axl.
As for Tyr, is he that boy?

[2] Mizuha: !!

[3] sfx: (looks up)

[4] Anji: (thinking) Hm? He responded?

[5] Anji: Ah, Hey!

-Page 12-
[2] Anji: That's why I said wait!!

[3] Anji: Idiot! You almost disappeared!

[4] Mizuha: What can I do?
What can I do to help?

-Page 13-
[1] Anji: ......

[2] Anji: (thinking) Before, even if it was just for a moment, that boy did respond to Mizuha's voice.
Just now, Mizuha redirected that uncontrollable power from before, if just a little.

[3] Anji: That spiritual power manifested itself as Kotodama, through the power of her speech, so...
There's a possibility...

[4] Anji: Right, let's give it a try
Lend me your power, Mizuha-chan!!

Mizuha: R.. right!!

-Page 14-
[1] Anji: (thinking) The Kotodama power of the Miko's song passed down by the shrine

[2] Anji: (thinking) If I can amplify and direct it with the Zessen

[3] Anji: (thinking) Even if substances which get close are being disintegrated, this power is transmitted through vibrations in the air

[4] Anji: (thinking) The arrow of the Kotodama will definitely get through-!!

-Page 15-
[1] Mizuha: Tyr...

[2] Mizuha: My voice...

[4] Mizuha: Can you hear me...?

-Page 16-
[1] Mizuha: Tyr

[2] Mizuha: Tyr

[3] Mizuha: Tyr

-Page 17-
[1] Mizuha: Tyr...

-Page 18-
[1] Mizuha: Tyr...

[3] Mizuha: !!

-Page 19-
[3] Tyr: Mizu..ha...

[4] Mizuha: Tyr!!

[6] Gabriel: I see...

-Page 20-
[1] Gabriel: The mother ship has turned towards London... no

[2] Gabriel: It's being called there. So that's how it is.
That's how it is, that's the source of the electromagnetic waves.

[3] Gabriel: We got confirmation of strong electromagnetic waves coming from this area a short time ago.
The force caused a disruption over the entire area.
It was also the cause of the mother ship's course change.

[4] Gabriel: The interference was caused by the combined power of science and magic... this seems to be the case.

[5] Gabriel: Chinese... no, Japanese.

-Page 21-
[1] Gabriel: In order for the mother ship to miss London...
Zep must make contact with the target as quickly as possible.

Zep will designate the matter to you.

[2] Potemkin; Potemkin Soldier first class to make contact with the subject. Roger, President.

(End Chapter 7)

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