Chapter 8

-Page 1-
[1] Mizuha: Tyr… Are you alright? Hey…
(sfx: Suuuu)
(sfx: Swirl)

[2] Mizuha: This is…?!
Could this be… The sealed form…?!

-Page 2-
[1] Mizuha: The size is different… but there’s no mistaking it. This is the form that was sleeping in our shrine until recently.

[2] Mizuha: Tyr…
(sfx: hold)

-Page 3-
[1] Caption: Paris – International Police Force Headquarters
Subordinate: Large class Gears are detected on the satellite orbit
1... 2… 7 of them confirmed…!

[2] Subordinate: Body length 20km long Body weight... Over 14500 billion tons!!
It’s confirmed that they are on an aerial collision course and are fast approaching us!

[3] Ky: Commence decisive battle mode!!

[4] Subordinate: Commencing…

[5] Subordinate: 3…

-Page 4-
[1] Subordinate: 1…

[3] (sfx: Firing)

[4] Subordinate: Target 1~6 hit!
Target 7 is still on the loose. It’s unaffected by magic…!

[5] Ky: What?!
(sfx: Rumble)

-Page 5-
[1] : What if we use a physical attack?!
Subordinate: Negative. Unable to break through the magic barrier

[2] Subordinate: Target... on course to collide with the guardian satellite

[3] Subordinate: Satellite destroyed. First line of defense broken.
(sfx: Clink)
(sfx: Roar)

[4] Subordinate: In the event that it falls to Earth, the primary damage will be…132 Megadeath…
The environmental upheaval from secondary damage will have a probability of wiping out humanity of 98%

-Page 6-
[1] Subordinate: The target
Subordinate: Has appeared on the screen

[2] Ky: This is…?!

[4] Anji: So it’s back to the form when you first met him, huh?
Mizuha: Yes… I think he’s sleeping

[5] Mizuha: That’s not fair… You promised to take me to the flying island… Meanie… (sfx: Knock)

-Page 7-
[1] (sfx: Fwoop)

[2] Mizuha: Ah… That’s…

[3] Mizuha: The floating island?!

[4] Mizuha: (thinking) Eh?! The island… Is calling out…

[5] Anji: Ah! Oi!
(sfx: Running)

-Page 8-
[1] (sfx: KIIIIIN)

[2] (sfx: Explosion)

[3] Mizuha: Nyaaaaa?!

[4] (sfx: Dust clearing)

-Page 9-
[1] Potemkin: I know this is sudden but… I would like you to…
Follow me back to my country, Zepp
(sfx: Rumble)

[3] Mizuha: Eh…
Mizuha: But… But…
(sfx: Helpless)

[4] (sfx: Swish, swish)

[5] (sfx: Swish. Click, rustle)

-Page 10-
[1] Potemkin: I wish of you to follow me!!
Mizuha: A… Alright

[2] Gabriel: I welcome you to Zepp

[3] Anji: It’s a bit of a forced welcome…

[4] Gabriel: I apologize for earlier. But now, we are facing a crisis
Let’s skip the formalities as time is precious
Firstly, I’d like to show you something

[5] (sfx: beep)

-Page 11-
[1] (sfx: Screen lights up)

[2] Anji: This is…

[3] Gabriel: A remnant from the Holy War

[4] Gabriel: A spaceship that ferries Gears… In the past, Gears were created on board but since then it had ceased operations…

[5] Gabriel: But recently, the ship has come back to life and has begun creating countless Gears.
And then started to release them from orbit…

-Page 12-
[1] Gabriel: And from there. They started to fall due to the gravitational force from Earth
This explains the recent cases of Gears falling from the sky around the world
(sfx: Building collapsing)

[2] Gabriel: About 2 hours ago, with disregard to its weight, the ship has started to approach Earth
In any case, gravitational force has started to guide the ship down
And if it lands on Earth, it will become our star of death

[3] Caption: Estimated to land in about 7 hours and 21 minutes

[4] Anji: … I see… But
Anji: This doesn’t have anything to do with us…

[5] Gabriel: Of course it does

[6] Gabriel: You’re called Mizuha, correct?
Because of your “powers”
You have called out and guided the ship down

-Page 13-
[1] Mizuha: (thinking) My… Powers…?

[2] Gabriel: You’re one of the surviving Japanese, aren’t you? You possess “Ki” that has the ability to control mechanics

[3] Gabriel: And as for proof, our ship was also being pulled towards you
Mizuha: (thinking) I have… The ability to attract things...

[4] Anji: ……

[5] Anji: And…
What are you going to do about it?

-Page 14-
[1] Gabriel: I need to send the girl into a “Status akin to death”
Until the situation turns better… So it will be for an indefinite amount of time

[2] Anji: Wait a minute!!
Are you saying you’re going to send such a young child to death?!

[3] Gabriel: That’s right

[4] Anji: But on something like that ship, can’t you use your scientific knowledge to destroy it…

[5] Gabriel: The International Police Force had commenced a trial attack earlier and found out that somehow…
The ship is completely immune to magic

-Page 15-
[1] Anji: So do you mean we need infinite power to destroy that thing?!

[2] Gabriel: That’s right…

[3] Anji: Well then, I’m sure you have seen what happened in London…
Thanks to Mizuha releasing her powers, we were able to fend off the attackers

[4] Anji: And with my mastery of the Zessen
And with your knowledge of science can’t we find a way to destroy the ship

-Page 16-
[1] Gabriel: That is informative data
You possess another source of power

[2] Gabriel: It’s from that egg, isn’t it? (sfx: Shift)

[3] Gabriel: I’m sorry, but I have no intentions to leave the fate of the world on an egg
Well then, I give you 30 minutes to prepare yourselves…

[4] Gabriel: You may spend your final moments observing my country
Anji: Hey… Cheer up
Mizuha: …

-Page 17-
[1] Anji: (thinking) Even though this is impossible…
Mizuha: I… am such a fool

[2] Mizuha: Even just a flying island was like something from a dream … Something I anticipated all by myself

[3] Mizuha: It wasn’t like that at all

[4] Mizuha: It felt like it was calling out to me. Maybe it’s my fate to be here…

[5] Mizuha: My… true destiny…

-Page 18-
[1] Anji: (thinking) Mizuha…

[3] Gabriel: It is time…

[5] Gabriel: We’re sorry that we have to resort to this method, but…
Sleep well

[6] Mizuha: … Tyr…

-Page 19-
[1] Mizuha: (thinking) If you could wake up now…

[2] Mizuha: And we could be together, won’t that be nice?…

(End Chapter 8)

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